Retail Program

Empowering Small Businesses with:
One hour delivery or same day delivery options
Printing Services (We beat or match any price)
Mail Marketing Services (EDDM)

Why Kurierr

Today’s retailers are depending more and more on digital marketing and on-demand delivery services to keep up with the fierce competition from the larger retailers and, of course, Amazon.

By partnering with Kurierr, you can provide your clients rapid, reliable same-day service using the same mechanisms that run those platforms. In addition we can help you with your difgital marketing and direct marketing colatteral.

Online Trends

Over 51% of retailers today are offering same-day delivery. Are you?

Same-day delivery is no longer a questionable choice in today’s retail climate, but rather a requirement to stay competitive.

Integrate your Shopify store and offer local same day delivery. Our integration takes just a few minutes.

Business Impact

From a business standpoint, it is clear that consumers are depending on same-day delivery choices, and this demand is resulting in a plethora of new delivery options for your company. If you do not get your message out to your customers via digital madia, print media or socal media then your business will lack traction and growth.

Grow with Kurierr services. Our diversificaton is at your disposal.


According to estimates, 25% of buyers are willing to pay more for products delivered within one or two hours of placing an order.

In a recent poll, 43% of respondents stated they have become more local.

Remeber your customers are near you.

Consumer Impact

Retailers must recognize that same-day delivery is an integral part of customer service. This necessitates a thorough examination of the best practices for this service. The best choice is to use local delivery services.

Local delivery sources are the best option.


Kurierr’s retail objective is to empower businesses that want to compete and survive in today’s retail environment.

Taking in consideration the customers decision process based on time efficiency and cost, offering fast convenient purchase options will deliver a great customer experience.


We Value Your Business

We will empower your business!

Our mission in the retail sector is to provide a fast, reliable, and cost-effective way to make all retailers competitive when it comes to offering same-day delivery.

Kurierr will not only help you compete with online retailers, but it will also help you grow your customer base and bottom line.

We offer our retail partners a pricing structure and process that allows them to handle the logistics of the delivery process in a variety of ways. Fill out the form below to contact one of our sales associates.

If you use a Shopify or wish to have a Shopify store built , we can guide you through the process so that we can integrate our delivery service and seamlessly execute courier orders.

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