free home testing services

Kurierr LLC is the official at home delivery service for Synergydx Diagnostic Laboratory. Fill out our form and order kits from Synergydx for you and your family members. The Kits will be delivered free of charge. Once the kits arrive, follow simple instructions and our agent will bring it back to the laboratory.

What is SynergyDx?

Synergy Diagnostic Laboratory, Inc., established in August 2012, is a CLIA licensed, COLA accredited high complexity laboratory specializing in COVID-19 molecular testing. Synergy is credentialed with Medicare and Medicaid, holds all the necessary licenses to perform COVID-19 diagnostic testing in all 50 states including Puerto Rico. In April of 2021, SynergyDx obtained FDA/EUA Emergency Use Authorization for its SynergyDx Sars-CoV-2 RNA Assay. In addition SynergyDx FDA/EUA Approved assay is available at any of our locations or in the convenience of your home with the SynergyDx Home Collection Kit For Covid-19.

SynergyDx helps you get:

Back to school

Back to work

Back to travel

Back to friends

Back to peace

Back to exploring

Zero Out-of-Pocket

This PCR testing is appropriate for: Experiencing symptoms, Exposed, Possibly exposed to COVID-19. You must provide a copy of your insurance and a valid State ID. If you have no insurance we will process your test and seek Federal Assistance.
SynergyDx offers the most convenient Direct to Consumer sample collection. Our gentle Anterior Nasal collection is as easy as swabbing your nose with a Q-tip.

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The Self-Pay testing is appropriate for: Travel, Recreation, Employment, Peace of Mind. The cost of this test includes a CLIA-Certified PCR Report approved for travel from SynergyDX.

Here’s What The Timing Looks Like


Order A Kit

Order your free at home self-testing kit. This is a FDA approved RT PCR test. Our service partner kurierr will deliver the kit to your home free of charge the same day.


Kit Arrives

Our delivery agent will wait 10 minutes for you to take the test and then have the test returned to the lab for faster processing.If you need more time do not worry our agent will provide you with a link to download our delivery app and you can schedule your own pick up. (The app will generate a qoute to return the kit and you can pay directly on the app)


Receive Results

Receive an email with a PDF of your test results for you to download. Results will be available within 24-48 hours from collection. Once test results are complete, they can be viewed via a secure private portal.

What Does It Look Like To Take The Test?

Taking the test is a breeze and be done in less than a minute.